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Your Voice


The Ultimate Contact of yourself through Voice!



The voice as a means for therapy, communication and connection with the soul. Getting acquainted with vocal exercises and a repertoire of music from all over the world.

In "VOICE CONTACT" the participants come into contact with the voice, using its foremost characteristics as a means of communication, expression, liberation and the potential of healing and self-knowledge.  We focus on the connection of the soul with the voice and the expression of the unique and authentic frequency which each one of us carries and we also cultivate the voice as a means of artistic expression through the art of singing (including polyphony, depending on the potential of the group).

Voice Contact seminars or classes include:
- Physical exercises with the accompaniment of the voice with the aim of "unlocking" and warming up the vocal chords as well as the entire body as a preparation for live appearances.
- Exercises for harmonic resonance in a group
- Techniques for articulation, breathing and vocal exercises for the cultivation of the quality and range of the voice
- Learning of songs from the Greek repertoire and from cultures all over the world

Come and enjoy! Free yourself with the help of the voice and song!

If you want to experience seminars or classes with Alexia, contact us below!


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