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About  the singer

Alexia Chrysomalli is from Thessaloniki, Greece and is currently based in Vienna. She started out with clarinet lessons as a child and switched to singing later on. She started singing professionally at the age of 19. She collaborated with modern Greek singers and composers and co-founded the female a capella singing group StringLESS. Since 2013 she focused on participating in traditional village festivals in Macedonia and Thrace, alongside some of the best musicians of Greek traditional music from whom she learned countless songs and scales. From 2014 till 2016 she was singing with the Ethnic group Namaste in the Greek island Santorini.
She has developed the "Voice Contact" method, in which she transmits her personal experience with singing and voice as means of expression, healing, and connection to the soul, through individual and group classes and workshops.The past couple of years she has worked on her own repertoire by composing her own music. In 2018 recorded her first album "Metamorphosis" with 11 songs, recorded with a number of fine musicians from Thessaloniki. Her songs are based on her vast knowledge of traditional repertoire (also beyond Greece), but also very much influenced by her personal path of development, her strong sense of purpose and her radiant personality.

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